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Our logo may be BLUE but our heart is GREEN


Plastics Plus takes a serious approach to sustainability and preserving resources for future generations.  As a result we have developed core competencies in the sourcing and production of recycled products and plastic waste management.   At the consumer level, sustainability serves as a powerful connection between consumers and the brands and products they prefer.  Let us show you how to incorporate more recycled materials into your next project.
We help design, implement and manage thermoplastic recycling programs to maximize value and minimize footprint.  Our approach starts with a few fundamental principles beginning with reducing waste generation at your facility.  Next, we help you find applications for waste streams in your business and push limits of re-introduction of regrinds and reprocessed materials.  If we can’t achieve this outcome we move streams to a geographically-close location for use into another equal or higher value application.  This process is called upcycling and it is the cornerstone of our philosophy



One of the reasons this model works for Plastics Plus is our network depth among the North American processors.  Our vantage point of service provider and product provider to all types of processors allows us access to a unique cross-section of producers, consumers and resellers across the plastics value chain. The result is we can squeeze out middlemen and extract more value for your waste and offer recycled products that are market leading on the performance/value curve. No one in North America has as broad an offering of reprocessed products than Plastics Plus! Currently we market reprocessed products in these base chemistries:


PP    PE    PS    HIPS     ABS    PC-ABS   POM    Nylon 6    Nylon 66    Nylon 6.10    Acetal    PBT

Using recycled compounds versus prime materials can reduce CO 

emissions by 67%, energy consumption by 75% and water consumption by as much as 80%!


Help us show you how doing the right thing can also be the best thing for your bottom line!

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